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Every client's needs are different and I hope to serve accordingly.  In general, my services begin in the third trimester meeting the expectant parents, offering prenatal education, and establishing a birth plan. Then I will be with mother and partner for the entire labor. After baby arrives I will be available for a short time at the hospital or other birth location and then I will follow-up during the first few weeks.

Prenatal Visits
  • Get acquainted

  • Explain role of birth doula

  • Review prior birth experiences

  • Plan for birth

  • Address any questions, fears, or concerns

Labor Support
  • Continuous support throughout labor and delivery

  • Provide emotional support

  • Offer physical comfort measures (i.e. massage)

  • Help facilitate communication with providers

Postpartum Visits
  • Talk about course of postpartum care for mom and baby

  • Review and process birth experience

  • Go over Postpartum support plan

  • Discuss postpartum needs for new family

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