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Why Birth Doula?

After having nine very different child birth experiences of my own, some with a labor companion and others without, I recognize the invaluable service a birth doula can offer. I want to share the blessings of this type of support with expecting couples. I will offer continuous support and encouragement while empowering mothers to believe in the capability of their bodies to give birth.

Me, My Purpose, My Inspiration
Britta J Kreps

Birth Doula (CD/Dona)


I completed my Doula training in March 2017. After months and months of birth support experiences, continued training through covid, i completed my certification in december of 2021.

My purpose

My Family


My husband and children are the reason I became a doula.  They are a constant source of encouragement. I hope that my birth experiences can be a blessing to my ministry as a birth doula.

My Inspiration

St. John Paul II


This holy man never turned away from any child he could touch.  The most empowering words he gave my generation are to "Be Not Afraid." It is these words that guide me as a birth doula.

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